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Friday May, 2024
Sharing my most useful Shortcuts, from AI, to D&D, to finding a lost phone.

In no particular order, here are some of the more useful Shortcuts I have and use. Most are very simple actions. They range from talking to AI, to rolling D&D dice, to background noises, to finding a lost phone. I did not author all of these, only some, and some were borrowed and then altered.   • Backup Shortcuts. Takes all your Shortcuts and puts them in a .zip file in your iCloud Drive. You can then unzip and recover Shortcuts individually if anything has gone wrong with any or all of them (like when I edit one and accidentally delete half of it). • ChatGPT Voice Chat. This quickly opens the ChatGPT app to the voice chat page. It’s literally one step, but I find it most useful added as a “back tap” action, so that tapping the phone talks to ChatGPT. Sharing for that reason. • Pro AI. Someone’s ChatGPT voice bot without the app. • Gemini. AI powered by Google’s Gemini. Can accept text, voice, images, and files. • Google Lens. Get Google Lens on your iPhone. Search for whatever is on your screen. Requires Google app. • Find Nearest Hospital. Gets your location and quickly outputs the nearest hospitals. Gives various options to get there: walking, driving, transit, various ride share apps. For ride share, it then adds the address to the clipboard and opens that app. Author’s name is in the notes. One of the actions says it won’t be supported in future versions. If anyone knows how to fix it that’d be great. It works for now. • Randomizer. Generates random numbers from atmospheric noise. Generates coin flips, dice rolls, playing card hands, first and last names, hex colors, or random items from a list you enter. Requires the other Shortcut “Multi-Dice” to do dice rolls. I’ll fix that some day. • Multi-Dice Roll. Simulates rolling multiple dice with any number of sides. • D&D Dice. Same as Multi-Dice Roll, but with added Advantage and Disadvantage (rolling twice and taking the higher or lower number) for Dungeons and Dragons. • Background Sounds On/Off. Lets you choose a background sound (rain, stream, various white noises) to turn on, or turn off the sound. This is usually buried in Accessibility settings. • 4 Hour Background Noise. Turns on background noise for 4 hours and then stops. For now it depends on this other Shortcut for the waiting time: They shouldn’t be too hard to combine; I just haven’t. • Toggle VPN. Toggles VPN, then repeatedly checks until it has finished connecting and then displays “Connected,” or in the other case “Disconnected.” You’ll have to replace the Connect and Disconnect actions (there’s only 1 of each) with those for your particular VPN. If there’s a better way to check when it connects besides excessive waiting and checking, please share! • Where Are You?. If you can’t find your phone, but it might be nearby, this will make it speak and play a loud alarm. Use with “Hey Siri” voice activation (“Hey Siri, where are you?”) • I Found You. Use after finding the phone after using “Where are you?” Returns volume to normal and ends alarm. Change volume number as you please. • I’m Getting Pulled Over. For police interactions and more. Dims the screen and begins recording from the front camera. When you end recording (manually), it texts the video to who you choose when you first set it up and uploads it to iCloud or wherever you choose. You’ll have to fill in the contact and save location before using. • What’s the Speed Limit? Gets the speed limit for the road you’re on. • Text Above Picture. Adds text above a chosen image. • Live Photo to GIF. Turns selected Live Photo to a GIF. • Save File As. Choose what to save a file as. • All Media Downloader. Downloads media from various sites, including Reddit, via the Share Sheet. Apple News to Safari. Opens Apple News pages in Safari. • Face ID App Locker. Set as automation when opening a particular app. Brings up the Lock Screen when opening that app, preventing someone without the Face ID or password from seeing its contents (may be visible for a second or two). Set the re-lock interval to the number of minutes you want it to wait before locking again. Sometimes this interval doesn’t work, and it locks every time. If anyone knows a fix, please share! • 32 Second Timer. Set as automation for when an alarm is stopped. Waits 16 seconds (so you can’t immediately stop it) to set a 16 second timer. Makes an (optionally more annoying) timer go off 32 seconds after the original alarm. Change the numbers to suit you. Very simple, but helps me wake up and pay attention. • Choose Shortcut from list. Lists all of your Shortcuts alphabetically, and you can choose and run any of them. I also recommend using automations to change the battery percent at which low power mode is turned on and off. It saves tons of battery. I do: on at 60%, off at 65%.   Some of these require the Actions …

For photographers: Lightroom and Night Shift.

Hello! Some photographers like me edit their photos on Lightroom mobile when it comes to quick edits for yourself or for quick sharing. For this I activated the automation which deactivates Night Shift and True Tone when opening the app. However when closing, only True Tone can be activated again automatically. Night Shift does not reactivate, even in the evening. I created a shortcut that understand the actual time of the day which activates Night Shit between (in my case) 09:30PM and 07:00AM. So night shift is reactivated or not if it is the middle of the day. I added this shortcut to the « closing app » automation. I hope I was clear, here are some screenshots :) Cheers 🇫🇷

siri remind me the task verbally on the scheduled time

what i wanted to do is for exmple hey siri remind me to the laundy at 4pm and when 4pm comes, siri will remind me verbally. i dont really like alarms to remind me to do something. it gives me anxiety.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get rid of these combinations of # and * before transferring a GPT response over to a note. I’m just, not, getting it. lol Please help.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get rid of these combinations of # and * before transferring a GPT response over to a note. I’m just, not, getting it. lol Please help.

How do I do when AirPods connect play the last song on my playlist ?

Spotify literally does not show up for me in shortcuts pls help

Volume down when I arrive at work

I’m new to making shortcuts and am struggling with some recursive logic for what should be a pretty straightforward shortcut. I'm trying to create a shortcut that turns my volume down to zero (to be triggered when switching to my Work focus) but first checks to make sure I'm not playing any music on my device so that it doesn't silence what I'm listening to if I walk into work with headphones on. If I am listening to something, I want it to wait like 5 minutes (simplified here as 3 seconds for testing purposes) and then check again to see if media is still playing, and if not then trigger the volume to go down. I want it to check a few times before giving up so that eventually my volume goes to zero, even if it takes a little while. I must be screwing something up with the "Repeat" logic because this works fine when no media is playing, but if I start with media playing and then immediately pause it, it doesn't seem to recognize that the media has been turned off. I'm sure it's an easy fix, but I'd love to know how this might work! Thanks.

OCR from interactive Screenshot no longer working

tl;dr: can't figure out how to extract text using an interactive screenshot. It doesn't seem to capture or pass any text on. Any advice on how to set up a shortcut that will let you screenshot an area of an image, read the text, and send that text to the clipboard would probably do the trick. Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas! —————————— One of two similar Shortcuts stopped working, and I don't know why. Both Shortcuts use OCR to extract text from image files (usually memes or quotes), clean up the text, then rename the file using that text. For the first Shortcut ("OCR Full"), you select one or more images, then run the Shortcut. It then extracts all of the text from the image file and renames the file using that text. It tend repeats the same for every other file selected, in turn. This still works. The second Shortcut ("OCR Selected Text") stopped working. The second Shortcut opens the selected file, then runs the Screenshot tool, which prompts you to select an area to extract the text. But it doesn't seem to capture or pass on any text. I don't know why it stopped working. I compounded the problem by trying to fix it without first making a backup copy. After a few hours, I'm at wit's end. I don't recall what I changed; I think I deleted a few commands that copied the initial OCR text to the clipboard, but couldn't replicate that either. Here's the first working Shortcut, "OCR Full" Here's the second non-working Shortcut, "OCR Selected Text" (truncated) Here's a screen of the working First "OCR Full" Shortcut (I removed a lot of RegEx formulas to make it fit on one screen). This works.

Duplicate shortcut delete setup question from source shortcut and even duplicated one ?

I just spent 2 hours on an insane setup for a shortcut that I was about to publish on shortcut gallery. Duplicated it to make several langages support. Now my setup is all gone....? Is that a bug or is it really a thing ? I'm so mad.

Add a number behind another number ??

Is it possible to add a 0 behind the number 1 shown in photo??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hardcore sync issues.

Wonder if anybody else going thru the same or have any tips to normalize this situation. I have 4 devices all connected to my icloud and sync enabled, and on each of them my shortcuts are different, vastly.... Dunno how to sync the whole thing evenly. If i create a new shortcut with all devices active, works, but current shortcuts on a mac studio won't sync to the iphone, or updates on shortcuts on the iphone won't sync to the mac, if i stop using my macbook pro for a while, the next time i open it all the shortcuts that i've deleted or renamed and edited go back to life and my iphone goes from 200 shortcuts to about 800 (and all modifications or edits to shortcuts will disapear) Trying to learn a bit more before i nuke the whole thing and re-build it from scratch. Insights, best practices or suggestions are very much appreciated. for fixing or rebuilding a more resiliant approach to this madness

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