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Friday May, 2024
Dr gundry is destroying my life

My dad won't shut up about dr gundry and it really makes me mad, cause he'll say stuff like how I shouldn't eat blueberries cause they're "sugar bombs" and is going on about how evil lectins are, when I researched lectins I found that most are disposed of through cooking so who even GAF. I blame my dad partially for my ed which got bad when he started reccomending intermittent fasting when I was in middle school, and I just want him to stop talking about food and nutrition all the time cause it's super annoying since I have an ed and know that it's not even gonna help him lose weight cause he eats 2 bowls of nuts every night that are like 1000+ calories but he laughed at me when I told him what a calorie deficit was 🤨. LIKE CAN U LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MY ICECREAM OMADS INSTEAD OF YELLING ABOUT MY MICROGUT BIOME. I THINK THE BULLIMIA IS CAUSING MORE ISSUES IN THERE THAN THE BLUEBERRIES. Anyway pls drop any resources to help me disprove dr gundry cause I know his ass is lying.

What fruit have you eaten today?

I've had apple, strawberries, watermelon, raisins, and grapes.

I am pretty muscular but it's under a layer of fat 38F.

I exercise 4-5 days a week including weightlifting. I feel pretty good about my body but I would feel 100% if I could figure out how to lose that layer of fat. Is the answer just to be in a caloric deficit? Eat more protein (which I have a hard time with). I do eat processed sugar everyday a treat of some kind like cookie, ice cream, or chocolate.

is seitan good for cutting?

I'm vegan and i want to get a bit stronger and leaner. I'm making my own seitan, and if men's health is to be believed seitan has 75g protein and 370 cal. is this actually real? should I opt for other protein to avoid caloric surplus? EDIT: I meant avoid caloric surplus! I want to get leaner

Eating after starving

So I know that if you just eat something after starving for a long time you could die from it or something like that. How long of starving does it take before your body isn't use to digesting food anymore(or whatever caused the body to die from eating.) Or is this a myth?

What’s the best protein/power bar out there?

I’ve switched to a mostly vegetarian diet, but I would like to preserve muscle mass and continue building muscle. It doesn’t have to taste great, but ideally be decent tasting. I’m looking for one with a lot of protein.

Quick Question about recommended daily intake for nuts and seeds

I've been looking all over and I see that the recommended amount is 30g for nuts (roughly an ounce) but I wanted to ask if that means the combination of both seeds and nuts or 30g of each per day (total 60g). I know they are both high in unsaturated fats and calories etc but just wanted to know if its combined or not (I don't care for calorie intake just potential sideeffects of over-consuming then getting kidney stones or something) Thanks guys!

Legit olive and avocado oils

Hey sorry if similar post has already been posted but I heard some companies selling these oils will actually dilute it using cheaper oils. How can we be sure the olive/avocado oils are legit and not some fake products. Thank you.

Hey guys save my life before I do something stupid

I have left Chinese food night over on the counter, there is rice, fish, chicken, beef all in the same bowl. It stayed on the counter for 12 hours probably. Can I put in 200 Celsius degree oven for like 10 minutes and it’s all good? It doesn’t smell or anything

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