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Friday May, 2024
WWDC Index: Lookup every WWDC talk since 2000

Hey fellow iOS devs! My co-founder and I recently launched a resource that I think many of you will find useful: WWDC Index It's a comprehensive index of every WWDC talk since 2000, making it easier than ever to find and watch sessions on any topic. Some key features:Complete Archive: Look up every WWDC talk from 2000 onwards. Unlisted Talks: If Apple has unlisted a session from their developer site but still hosts the video, we provide you with the stream link to watch it. * List of major announcements: With each WWDC we list the major things released on the homepage, making it easy to figure out what was introduces when. We’re also working on creating “topic” pages where we collect all talks around a certain topic, and we’d love your input! What are your all-time favorite WWDC talks? Which sessions do you find yourself revisiting? Your feedback will help us curate these topic pages to be as useful as possible. Check it out here: WWDC Index and let us know what you think. Happy coding!

MacBook Air for coding

Hi! I would like to gift a friend a MacBook Air for his birthday. He’s a software engineer student and currently has a PC. This would be his very first Apple product and I’d like help some feedback on choosing which MacBook Air would be best for coding. MacBook Air 8GB Unified Memory 256 SSD Storage or MacBook Air 16GB Unified Memory 256 SSD Storage For more complex coding assignments I’m absolutely positive he’ll use his PC. He’s just expressed interest in Apple and iOS, so I’m sure it would be simple coding on the MacBook Air. Thank you for the help!

WhatsApp Clone SwiftUI

Hello iOS community, I started a new tutorial series where we will be building a WhatsApp clone using swiftui and firebase. In this tutorial series you'll learn to: 📝 Send text messages 🎙️ Record and send voice messages 🖼️ Send image messages 🎥 Send video messages 😊 Express yourself with emoji icons 🔓 Sign in and Sign out effortlessly 🔄 Update your profile with ease ...and a lot more! Hope you enjoy it. PART 1 - Getting Started PART 2 - Inbox View PART 3 - Inbox Row View PART 4 - Circular Profile Image View PART 5 - New Message View PART 6 - Chat View PART 7 - Chat Message Cell PART 8 - Message and Message Group Model PART 9 - Profile View PART 10 - Settings View PART 11 - Welcome View PART 12 - Login View PART 13 - Registration Screen PART 14 - Create User Firebase PART 15 - Sign In and Sign out Firebase PART 16 - Profile Image View PART 17 - Upload Profile Image PART 18 - Fetch Contacts From Firebase PART 19 - Display Current User Data from Firebase PART 20 - Start Chat with Selected User PART 21 - Send Text Message to Selected User PART 22 - Fetch Messages in Realtime from Firebase PART 23 - Group Messages By Date PART 24 - Fetch & Display Latest Messages in Inbox View PART 25 - Message Auto Scroll …

Very High "Billing Retry" State For Subscriptions

I have an app that gets about 200 subscription starts daily. Most of my traffic comes from Apple Search Ads. I have a 3 day free trial and at the end of the 3 days I typically have about 10 conversions to paid. The strange thing is I get about 50 users entering "Billing Retry" state. I understand what this is for but that rate seems very high. I do see a few conversions from billing retry sprinkled in (1 or 2 a day) but I feel like I am really wasting money on Search Ads if 25% of my "conversions" can't be billed for some reason. Does anyone have any experience with this? Could it be user demographics? I do not set any demographic restrictions on my ads but thinking I might try Age related to get more users who have valid payment?

Information for App Store submit

Hi, My app only allows signing in with Apple Sign In, but App Store Connect is requiring I provide an existing account to test the app. Does this mean I have to provide an email and password flow?

Use sports teams names only in app?

I’m working on a social media, Reddit-type app for sports and planning on using all the major North American sports teams. Would it be copyright infringement to just use the team names, no logos or player names, as basis of pages in the app? It’s basically like subreddits, and obviously the subreddits here are labeled with the team names. I know logos is a no-go but I’m wondering if just names would be okay?

Cocoa Pods Keys

How reliable are they? Especially if im looking to store API keys, not much experience with this and came across this:

Need Help in evaluating an oppurtunity with amazon as Cloud Support Engineer (Developer and Mobile Services) in Support Engineering.

Hi guys, I am an iOS Dev with 4 YOE, I came across this JD which has qualifications like below # BASIC QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor’s degree OR equivalent experience in a technical position. 2+ years of technical support experience Requires minimum of 2+ yrs experience in relevant technical position. Knowledge of some Developer & Mobile language/Services- Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET, JavaScript, iOS/Objective-C/Swift, Rest API, inter-application messaging & queueing, develop mobile apps, version control systems, virtualization. Experience with web-based applications and HTTP. Knowledge of client/server and distributed systems architectures (WebServers). Troubleshooting skills on Linux, Networking; IPsec, VPN, Load Balancing, Iperf, DNS, DHCP, Routing Protocols, SSH, Network Monitoring. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Customer service experience / strong customer focus. Strong analysis and troubleshooting skills and experience. # PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS Experience developing against and working with REST API based services. Prior working experience with AWS services. Experience with Cloud architecture patterns and distributed computing concepts. Exposure to Mobile application development (iOS / Android). Exposure to mobile and web application security best practices. Experience around Messaging and Queueing services. Detailed knowledge of networking protocols: DNS, HTTP, SSL, SMTP, TCP Exposure to security concepts / methodologies. Experience with iperf, MTR, traceroute, dig Experience handling full application stacks from the OS up through custom applications Experience with push notifications, APNS and GCMBASIC QUALIFICATIONS Should i apply for this as match the iOS/Swift part? If I get selected and add Amazon to my resume, will there be a problem in future in securing a actual developer role in another company? or will i be limiting myself by joining this job to technical support? Please advice... Has anyone experience in working this role? please advice on how is the work life balance for this role? Edit:- I applied out of ADHD and got shortlisted for the online assessment also, please advice.

Question regarding roles on Apple developer account

Hi all, Quick question regarding giving someone access to our developer account. We are working with a freelancer to deploy/ build an app on our Dev Account. He has requested an Admin role, but this seems like too much access to me? I feel like he can achieve the task by being a App Manager. He has stated: "Thanks for providing access to Apple Developer Account! To deploy the iOS build to a real device for testing, I'll need access to the developer tools like certificates and provisioning profiles.Could you please grant me Admin access within the Apple Developer Account? This would allow me to easily add these profiles to my Xcode and deploy the build directly for you." Is App Manager enough or is it ok to assign a freelancer an Admin role? Thanks a lot for your input on this as I am having a hard time finding a correct answer!

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