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Friday May, 2024
If you had a magic wand, what would your ultimate dream life and business look like?

I was sitting outside earlier, watching the cars drive by, and I started thinking about our unique entrepreneurial lifestyle. Unlike many who clock out and disconnect, our days blend work and personal life in ways that are hard for others to grasp. For those of us who value the freedom this path offers, I'm curious—what's your ideal work-life balance look like? How many hours per week would you be working? What are some things you would outsource and why? I’m really interested to hear what drives your choices. What keeps you motivated and how do you balance making a living with doing what you love?

What Are Some Marketing Tactics That Helped Your Store Make Its First Dollar

Hey there! I’m seeking some advice as I am trying to validate my business and am also trying to find effective ways to market. I know that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another (and I’m open to testing testing testing), so what are some ways you were able to earn your first dollar?

What did you think was essential when starting your business, but later realized it wasn't your squeakiest wheel?

One thing that comes to mind for me is that you always need more traffic. I don't think that's always the case. Especially when trying to scale. It's easy to fall in the trap of thinking, MORE ADS, but the thing that would move the needle would be conversion rate optimization in many cases. (not all but many)

Do you buy on your main Ebay seller acct or use just for selling ?

I want to setup an ebay acct mainly for selling. I was told by ebay rep to just setup another acct on your personal. I don't trust that option since I don't want any business to mix with personal login even if they say it doesn't I am planning to open personal and than convert to business. I am not sure if I should use to buy stuff since it can help me build reviews to build trust or should I just reserve it for selling only any advice ? thanks

I need a system for a shared inventory of 100k items that can be distributed to multiple websites on different URLs, and allow me to also run an instore POS system. Does this exist?

We have a retail shop where people walk in and we use Lightspeed for our POS and inventory source of truth. We do service on people's vehicles so we account for items and install hours. We have an e-commerce site that is for general offroad parts and we'd like our customers to be able to search by year/make/model and have parts show up for their specific vehicle. We also have a vehicle-specific website (for ford broncos) and would like to potentially spin off other vehicle specific sites from our inventory (jeeps, trucks, etc) I was looking for something that could have one SHARED inventory, and a simple way to kick it out to our various sites as well as internal POS. We currently have: Lightspeed POS One site is Lightspeed & WooCommerce One site is Lightspeed & Webshop Thanks for your help!

Feedback wanted for our clothing store ( )

Hey everyone, We recently launched our online store: . We sell clothing with Christian designs. Our main audience is people in the US and Canada, ages 15-35. Everything ships from California. We know that we don't have a large collection now, but we will be adding new designs soon. We'd love your feedback, even the nitpicky stuff :) Thank you in advance!

What really made my brands successful -> omnichannel approach

Hi everyone, My name is Rob and I have been in Ecom since 2019. For context, I am in food/dietary supplements which is a very regulated market. I branded straight away. We did ship directly from the factory that mixed my ingredients to our distributors and retail accounts and a little later I bought that factory to get rid of our supply chain problems. I am a firm believer of doing something you have a passion for. The only reason is basically that you won't quit when things get difficult. I know a lot of entrepreneurs say that whatever makes you money, you will learn to love it. But to get to that point, you need a lot of resilience and problem solving capabilities lol. So let's get back to the story: I love food supplements. There is hardly anyone that I know that knows more about it than I do. Not bragging here. I am just an obsessed MFer. So when I started running FB and Instagram ads back in 2019, we just used a simple framework: Hook, Promise, Solution. Easy. And it worked. Sales went pretty high and getting 800-900euro days were actually very common. Given I had my own formulas and sourced my own ingredients, I was making quite a bit of profit that I all reinvested into the business to grow stock, like every smart business owner would do. We had repurchase rates of about 74% back then, which was mind blowing. Ads were profitable and our back-end even more. Until the summer of 2020, where the EFSA(basically the European FDA) started cracking down on my specific kind of supplements and some of it ingredients. So all of the products I had in stock, were illegal to sell. The brand name was illegal now, the formula was illegal, and those new regulations were based on anything but a solid foundation. But the law is the law, and if I wanted to sell my products in Europe, I needed to find a solution. And this is what I mean by doing something you have a passion for. Because I had to throw away 220.000euros worth of stock because of those fuckers. And I still didn't quit. And you need to be so stupid to not give up after a hit like that. But the reason I didn't quit were my customers. They kept coming back. They needed my products. So I knew that there was a way out and I could make those sales in some way. So what I did was the following: I explained the situation to my customers in an email, that I could not sell until I figured out what to do and how to recover from this hit. I needed to change the formula, change the brand, change the patent name even. But then something happened. I got a call from the head purchaser of Gorillas GMBH. They wanted to sell my products in all of their stores. Which were about 68 at the time. I was honest, I could not supply them. My product did not meet the regulations needed to sell in Europe. Turned out that the customers who bought on my online store were requesting my products at Gorillas GMBH. So they started to look for my product because so many of their customers requested it. That gave me so much hope that I started to reformulate my product, edit the patent, rebrand it, change the name, did safety tests until it fit all the requirements. Obviously I asked Gorillas for an upfront payment of about 70% of my total costs because if I didn't, that would be very risky. My product turned out to be a bestseller in their Pharmacy category and Dietary/food supplement category. With one of the highest repurchase rates of all the products they had. And they carry big brands like Duyvis, Durex, Lays, etc. After this success, many retailers and distributors want to work with me. Hell, we now work with Marriott Hotels and we even sell in South Korea, lol. So what I am trying to say is: you might start with Ecom, you might not start with a brand, but if you keep getting the experiences and you keep getting up and try to make it work, why wouldn't it work out? See those little bits of experiences as small bits of a ladder and eventually, you will hop over that wall. There will be a next one, but you will figure it out. Distribution and retailers changed my whole view of having a brand. It's often the piece that's missing if you don't want to rely on Zuckerberg and Bezos. And it's actually not that hard to get started. And I know that most of you are used to doing business sitting behind your laptop. But there is so much more.

If I have the opportunity to not have to pay rent or expenses for 5 months, should I work and save money first, or should I take an e-commerce classes and build an E-store?

I was just released from prison and required to live in transition housing for 6 months. The benefit is that I am allowed to work and don't have to pay any expenses at all during my stay. Is it a better idea to work and save money while I continuing to do research and learn e-commerce with the little bit of time I will have available if I work because I am already required to take recovery classes while I'm here. If I work I will only have about 6-8 hours a week to study, research and work on my side business. Or is it a better idea to take advantage of having no expenses and study e-commerce, digital marketing, and web design while I research and design my store to have a full well designed running business when my stay here is done? Note: I have support and a place to live with family after my stay here at the program. I can also start working close to when my stay is done to have a secured income and make my E-store my side hustle while I scale it.

Facebook Ads - Scaling One Winning Creative

Hey guys, i am wondering if i can scale only one winning creative or do i need to have multiple creatives so i can scale, i have one winning creative with 10 profitable adsets ( all different interests) So 10 adsets with one creative, can i put them all into scaling CBO campaign or do i need to find more winning creatives, can i scale them and then test more creatives? Thanks in advance

Looking for guidance on profitable products.

I’ve been reselling a temu product on marketplace for the past 2 months. Surprisingly I’ve sold over 65 of them for 1.3k profit. How do I scale this opportunity with a website? Much love from a noob.

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