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Friday May, 2024
My Microsoft Loop misadventure turned Notion love affair

Like many others, I was intrigued by the promise of Microsoft Loop. It seemed like the perfect solution to consolidate my digital life, so I decided to move away from my Google + OneNote setup and fully embrace the Microsoft ecosystem. But after a frustrating three days of migrations, account issues, and unmet expectations, I found myself back in the Google ecosystem, using Notion. My journey began smoothly enough. I purchased a Microsoft 365 subscription and started transferring my data. However, I quickly encountered a roadblock I hadn't anticipated: Microsoft limits the number of aliases you can add to an account – two per week and ten per year. This limitation, unmentioned anywhere I could find, became a major issue. My account was linked to my Gmail address, and I needed additional aliases for forwarding and other components. Without a Microsoft-based email address, my ability to share content, receive shared items, and utilize various mail client features was severely hampered, bringing my entire migration to a screeching halt. I couldn't even receive emails, only send them, as the only associated address was my Gmail. Microsoft support was unhelpful, repeatedly directing me to new representatives in new departments, despite my pleas that email capabilities are a required feature. Undeterred, I decided to create a new Microsoft account and start the migration process anew. This time, everything went smoothly, and my data was successfully transferred – though not without the tedious manual copy-pasting and rebuilding of all my components, as Loop doesn't offer an easy migration process. Excited to see my calendar, tasks, and email seamlessly synced, I eagerly explored Loop's features. Imagine opening Microsoft Loop and assigning tasks that automatically appear in your calendar – that was the dream! But I quickly discovered Loop's limitations for personal users. The seamless integration between Loop and other Microsoft 365 apps like Calendar and To Do, a key selling point for me, was not as advertised. Syncing Loop pages with my calendar and tasks required Microsoft Planner, a tool exclusive to enterprise subscriptions. Furthermore, Loop's Outlook integration proved irrelevant for someone like me who doesn't use Outlook in their personal life. With these limitations, Loop's value proposition for personal productivity and organization dwindled significantly. Disappointed and frustrated, I decided to cut my losses. I migrated back to Google and started using Notion, which offers seamless integration with Google Workspace and even provided me with a free Pro plan as a student. I'm now happily using Notion for all my organizational needs. My experience with Microsoft Loop serves as a cautionary tale for other personal users. While the platform shows promise, it's currently geared towards enterprise users, with limited functionality for personal accounts. Perhaps after the public preview, these issues will be addressed, and Loop will transition to a paid model with enhanced features for personal users. Only time will tell. In the meantime, if you're considering making the switch, be sure to research the limitations of Loop for personal use and consider alternative solutions like Notion that may better suit your needs. And most importantly, be aware of Microsoft's alias limitations, which can cause unexpected headaches during the migration process. FUCK MICROSOFT

Can I add "mentions" as a category in a database so I know which pages have been mentioned in another? For example, I mentioned @archetype inside "the personal unconscious" page. Thanks in advance.

Can I add "mentions" as a category in a database so I know which pages have been mentioned in another? For example, I mentioned @archetype inside "the personal unconscious" page. Thanks in advance.

Can I extend the width of my screen

[SOLVED] Sometimes I feel like 50% of the screen is empty and I'd really like a wider writing pad. Edit: Issue solved. Solution in comment!

Is there a way for me to make multiple reminders for one task in Notion?

I'm creating a personal task management and calendar system for myself where I would have multiple reminders for one task, so that I would be constantly reminded should I forget the first reminder and so forth, given that I have ADHD and I can't seem to budge on the first reminder. Is there a way to implement this kind of a system, where one task has multiple times to remind you on top of a recurring reminder? Thanks in advance.

Possible to hide database layout name?

All of the other elements on the right disappear when the mouse hovers off of the database, but the layout name remains visible. I know you can remove database titles, but can we also hide the layout name to have a cleaner view of an inline database where we only want the database contents to show unless moused over? ​ ​

I need help getting started

Hi I see notion on YouTube etc and I can see it would be a great tool for me to utilise but I can’t seem to figure out what to do or where to get started on it- little overwhelmed I’m looking to use it as a personal planner with lists and daily tasks Also looking to use it for my small business to keep track of projects and ideas as well as content planning. Just generally be productive. Thanks

How to Create a Shared Habit Tracker Table in Notion for Community Motivation?

Hi everyone! I hope I can find a solution to my problem here. I need to create a shared table in Notion for a community of about 200 people. Each member has their own page with a habit tracker where they record their daily achievements. I want to create a shared table so everyone can see each other's progress. This table would display daily or at least weekly data for all participants to add gamification and motivation for the whole group. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this? Thanks for any advice!

Question from a complete beginner re tasks and calendar function

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to create a list of tasks with dates relative to a fixed date, and assigned to placeholders instead of team members. The list of tasks (aka template), when applied, should then be transfered to a team calendar so that the dates are automatically calculated based on an end date of a project. The placeholders for team members who will do the tasks would also be automatically populated with concrete names. The name of the task should be automatically populated from the project name. Example for the template would be: Task 1: send invitations to event (30 days before event date), asignee Program team member, task 2: social media post about event (1 day before event date), asigneed Communication team member, task 3: day of event (a concrete date), asignee Program team member. When the template then becomes a concrete project, it should look like this: Task 1 send invitation to John Smith lecture (24.9.2024), asigned to Johana, taks 2: social media post about John Smith lecture (23.10.2024), asigned to Carolyn, task 3: day of John Smith lecture (24.10.2024), assigned to Johana. Thank you

Meeting system

Hi I need help creating a meeting system in Notion. I have made a template that i can use, but I would like to take a step further. What i need to achieve is to be able to quickly add pre-made lists, notes, checklist etc. For example: i have a meeting with a new customer and the meeting template that i made consistent only “meeting note section” and will have a “follow up” meeting with another customer. So i wonder if there is a way to quickly add “discovery call checklist” that i made while having the first meeting and “follow up questions notes” to the other meeting and so on. So basically is being able to quickly add the appropriate content/ notes to the right meeting, there might be so many notes, checklists and do not want them all appear on every single meeting. Thanks

How can I make notion blocks look like this

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