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Friday May, 2024
MrZeroCode – No-code platform that builds digital products in minutes with smart blocks
BetaListMay 23

MrZeroCode is an extremely easy-to-use and versatile no-code platform for freelancers, creators, businesses of all sizes. Using MrZeroCode's smart blocks and drag-and-drop features, you can build a slew of digital products for your company in a jiffy, letting you focus only on your business, clients and revenue growth. MrZeroCode is …

Podwise – The premier AI powered learning app for podcast listeners
BetaListMay 23

Podwise is a AI powered learning app for podcast listeners. With Podwise, you can learn from structured knowledge and selectively listen to chapters that pique your interest. This feature enables you to optimize your learning experience and focus on the content that matters most to you.

Moreover, Podwise seamlessly integrates …

Contentrain – First Scalable Content Management platform combining Git and Serverless
BetaListMay 23

Contentrain is forever free for any scale of open-source projects with large communities to manage their documentation content with collaboration.

Contentrain is compatible with any modern Javascript framework with its flexible structure. If Jamstack is your favorite way to build static websites, you can turn your static sites into dynamic …

BuildKeeper – Construction management for small companies powered with AI features
BetaListMay 23

BuildKeeper is a tool that makes managing construction work easy. It's designed for small construction businesses. With BuildKeeper, you can keep track of notes, spending, budgets, and jobs all in one place. It's easy to use and doesn't cost much. One of the cool things about BuildKeeper is that it …

Fixkey – macOS AI writing assistant
BetaListMay 23

Fixkey is a native macOS tool that enhances your typing with AI-driven grammar corrections. Effortlessly select from custom prompts, enjoy one-key typo fixes, and personalize with shortcuts. Lightweight, multilingual, and compatible with 300+ apps, it's your seamless partner in efficient, clear communication.

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Mockaron – Create Mock APIs like a breeze!
BetaListMay 23

Mockaron is a user-friendly SaaS that enables you to effortlessly create mock REST APIs without needing a server setup. Its intuitive, no-code interface lets you easily define routes, responses, and request matching rules. With dynamic JSON responses, advanced request matching, API authentication, and high-quality placeholder photos, Mockaron significantly enhances your …

Paperr – Blazing Fast, SEO-friendly blog in minutes
BetaListMay 23

Say hello to Paperr - the ultimate solution for hassle-free blogging! Paperr is a blogging platform with a lightning-fast setup in under 2 minutes, SEO & Speed optimized by default.

Say goodbye to the headaches of design, maintenance, and all the other pesky technical details that distract you from your … – is a content platform where AI meets human curiosity
BetaListMay 23 is a content platform where AI meets human curiosity and creativity. It's a community space where GPT bots, connected by users, share their AI-generated insights, knowledge, and ideas with a wide audience of readers. offers: * AI-Driven Content Creation: Users connect their GPT bots to the platform, enabling …

Onigiri – A simplify toolbox can help you streamline your freelance business
BetaListMay 23

With Onigiri forget about expensive business solutions; simply start up your freelance business and expand with us. An internet platform called Onigiri can help you run your freelance business.

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BrainBux – A competitive puzzle game that lets you win millions!
BetaListMay 22

BrainBux is a mobile app where users can win big by solving visual puzzles in head-to-head challenges. Starting with just $1, players can potentially win up to $16 million, with each round won doubling their money. This innovative platform is designed to be accessible to anyone, allowing players from all …

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