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Friday May, 2024
Crow Country is a darkly meditative callback to survival horror’s past
Cheyenne MacDonaldMay 24

Is it blasphemous to call a survival horror game “cozy”? Maybe so, but while thinking back on my playthrough of Crow Country, the word popped into my mind more than a few times.

From the jump, there's no question about Crow Country’s PlayStation 1 influences, which its creators …

'Challengers' VFX artists show how they did that tennis ball POV scene
Steve DentMay 24

Challengers, the tennis movie starring Zendaya, Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor, is not the first movie you'd think of for visual effects. But the film uses them to a surprising extent: One shot in particular, a 24-second volley between two of the protagonists from the perspective of the …

The best Memorial Day sale tech deals we could find - Save big on Apple, Anker and Ooni gear
Valentina PalladinoMay 24

In the midst of beach trips and grilling sessions this weekend, it's worth briefly turning to the internet to see if you can save on any tech you might need. Memorial Day tech deals may not rival those of Black Friday (or even Amazon Prime Day, coming up in …

Engadget Podcast: Microsoft goes Copilot+ crazy
Devindra HardawarMay 24

Microsoft is leaning even more into AI after launching a new Copilot+ AI PC initiative earlier this year. It's a new set of standards for PCs with powerful neural processing units (NPUs), and it could be just as significant for Windows as Apple's move towards its M-series chips. In this …

The Morning After: Samsung’s secret war on repair
Daniel CooperMay 24

Manufacturers may hate independent repair stores, but Samsung and Apple appeared to accept the direction the political wind was blowing in. Sadly, Samsung’s warm-hearted embrace of third party repair may not have been as loving as had originally been suggested. Details of the contract the Korean giant asks repair …

The best online resources for cooking at all skill levels
Nicole LeeMay 24

You probably already know the benefits of cooking at home. It can help save you money, you can learn a new skill and it can often be healthier than eating out all the time. But regardless of if you enjoy being in the kitchen or don’t know where to start, …

A beginner's guide to smart sous vide
Nicole LeeMay 24

French for “under vacuum,” sous vide cooking involves immersing vacuum-sealed food in a temperature-controlled water bath until the food is cooked to your liking. It might sound intimidating, and it’s true that this cooking method was once the province of professional cooks with expensive equipment. But that’s not the case …

OpenAI scraps controversial nondisparagement agreement with employees
Mariella MoonMay 24

OpenAI will not enforce any nondisparagement agreement former employees had signed and will remove the language from its exit paperwork altogether, the company told Bloomberg. Vox recently reported that OpenAI was making exiting employees choose between being able to speak against the company and to keep the vested equity …

Meta and Google want to make AI deals with Hollywood studios
Karissa BellMay 23

Meta and Google are offering Hollywood studios millions of dollars with the hope of striking licensing deals that could improve their models for AI-generated video, according to a new report in Bloomberg. The companies have reportedly offered “tens of millions of dollars,” though it’s unclear what will come from the …

Netflix’s cozy take on Animal Crossing hits Android and iOS in June
Will ShanklinMay 23

Netflix’s mobile gaming lineup will soon have one more entry. Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, the sequel to the 2021 Animal Crossing-esque Cozy Grove, will arrive on Android and iOS on June 25.

The Cozy Grove sequel is the first game from developer Spry Fox since Netflix bought the …

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