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Friday May, 2024
How the Biggest Climate Legislation Ever Could Still Fail
Brian DeeseMay 24

In August 2022, the U.S. passed the most ambitious climate legislation of any country, ever. As the director of President Joe Biden’s National Economic Council at the time, I helped design the law. Less than two years later, the Inflation Reduction Act has succeeded beyond my wildest hopes …

Publishers Striking AI Deals Are Making a Fatal Error
Jessica LessinMay 24

In 2011, I sat at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and watched Rupert Murdoch announce the beginning of a “new digital renaissance” for news. The newspaper mogul was unveiling an iPad-inspired publication called The Daily. “The iPad demands that we completely reimagine our craft,” he said. The Daily …

I Carried Out the Strike That Killed Soleimani. America Doesn’t Understand the Lesson of His Death
Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr.May 24

Any assessment of the Middle East’s future must contend with an unpleasant fact: Iran remains committed to objectives that threaten both the region and U.S. interests. And those objectives are coming within reach as the country’s ballistic-missile arsenal and air-defense systems grow, and its drone technology improves.

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Making Fun of Your Friends Is Good for Them (And You)
Kieran SetiyaMay 24

Professional comedy, which most of us consume in modest doses, is not how humor infuses our day-to-day lives. Nor are proper jokes, with feed lines and punch lines, the primary vehicle for laughter. Instead, top billing goes to the wisecracks we share with family and friends—those spontaneously funny, though …

Stop Shouting Down the Women Going Off the Pill
Christine EmbaMay 24

Perhaps you’ve noticed something new at your local market. Opill, the first oral contraceptive approved by the FDA for over-the-counter use, began shipping to U.S. stores in March. It has no age restrictions and does not require a physician’s sign-off; you can now buy a three-month supply at Walmart …

Photos of the Week: Victorian Picnic, Flamingo Flight, Shadow Puppets
Alan TaylorMay 24

An airline for dogs in New York, horse racing in Baltimore, the Olympic torch relay in southwestern France, a Catholic pilgrimage in a Spanish village, the World Para Athletics Championships in Japan, a tornado’s path of destruction in Iowa, and much more

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The Unbearable Greatness of Djokovic
Scott StosselMay 24

If there was a moment—a single shot, in fact—when the chemical composition of men’s tennis changed, it came on September 10, 2011, in the semifinals of the U.S. Open, as Novak Djokovic faced Roger Federer. At the time, Djokovic had won just three Grand Slam tournaments, compared with Federer’s towering …

Trump’s Assassination Fantasy Has a Darker Purpose
Juliette KayyemMay 23

When Donald Trump insinuated this week that his successor and the FBI were out to kill him, he showed how central violence has become to his conception of political leadership. The former president declared Tuesday on Truth Social, his social-media platform, that he “was shown reports Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, …

The Trumpian Vertigo of American Politics
Charles SykesMay 23

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Amid the parade of outrages, what we’re feeling isn’t numbness. It’s more like airsickness. …

Photos: Ukrainians Fight to Defend Kharkiv From Russian Attacks
Alan TaylorMay 23

Several weeks ago, Russian forces began intensifying artillery bombardment and ground advances in border villages across Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, and launching deadly missile attacks into the center of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Thousands of civilians have already fled the area in an ongoing evacuation. While firefighters in residential areas battle …

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