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Friday May, 2024
Google’s “AI Overview” can give false, misleading, and dangerous answers
Kyle OrlandMay 24
From glue-on-pizza recipes to recommending "blinker fluid," Google's AI sourcing needs work.
US officials: A Russian rocket launch last week likely deployed a space weapon
Stephen ClarkMay 23
"Naming space as a warfighting domain was kind of forbidden, but that's changed."
Crooks plant backdoor in software used by courtrooms around the world
Dan GoodinMay 23
It's unclear how the malicious version of JAVS Viewer came to be.
“Unacceptable”: Spotify bricking Car Thing devices in Dec. without refunds
Scharon HardingMay 23
Spotify stopped making Car Things in July 2022 but kept selling them.
Bing outage shows just how little competition Google search really has
Kevin PurdyMay 23
Opinion: Actively searching without Google or Bing is harder than it looks.
Biggest Windows 11 update in 2 years nearly finalized, enters Release Preview
Andrew CunninghamMay 23
24H2 update includes big changes, will be released "later this calendar year."
Chocolate made with fewer calories, less waste
Diana GitigMay 23
“Whole fruit chocolate” uses cocoa pulp and inner shell in lieu of sugar.
Democratic consultant indicted for Biden deepfake that told people not to vote
Jon BrodkinMay 23
Steven Kramer charged with voter suppression and faces possible $6 million fine.
Family stricken with rare brain worms after eating undercooked bear
Beth MoleMay 23
In the parasite vs. bear vs. human battle, the grizzly parasite comes out on top.
Sky voice actor says nobody ever compared her to ScarJo before OpenAI drama
Ashley BelangerMay 23
OpenAI’s feud with Scarlett Johansson could cost Hollywood AI deals.
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